How to eat better in the woods.

Well my personal trainer is insisting that I eat better while backpacking. He insists that just because I am burning lots of calories that it doesn’t mean I can eat all the snickers I want.  While I don’t like his thinking so much I do understand it to a certain point.

With better food I will get better results.
The key is to finding the better food that is light enough to carry.

So I spent a good deal of the day surfing around various websites devoted to backpacking and food. As I was looking around I realized that what I eat ain’t all that good. It looks like you can do some pretty gourmet meals…and the best thing is most of the work is done at home.

 Some of this might be a little fancy if you’re doing a long distance hike and don’t want to mess with maildrops but for me who is out usually only a few days at a time….well I’m ready to eat better.

 I have put all the links so far in the right side bar and will be adding more as I come across them.

I have quite a few adventures planned this year and hope to test a few recipes and review them hear on the site.

Seriously, doesn’t this Cherry Chicken Couscous look way better than a bowl of ramen or mac-n-cheese. Recipe is found at:


Enjoy and happy eating.

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