Springer Mountain ~ My Favorite Place

I think most people have a favorite place. A place that really means something to them. A place that becomes a refuge from the “real” world.

For me that place is Springer Mountain. As soon as I start the .9 mile walk to the summit I can feel all the distractions from life fade away. Springer Mountain is my goto place when I feel like I need to re-focus and re-center. For me Springer is all about new beginnings. Kind of fitting since so many people start their thru-hike journeys from here.

I feel blessed that I can pick up anytime I want and get to Spinger fairly easy. I have also been blessed that all the times that I have gone there to spend time with myself I have arrived to now crowds of people.

Here are some various of images of my trips to Springer. I love taking people there as well.

1 thought on “Springer Mountain ~ My Favorite Place

  1. Awww…. so glad you took me to your favorite spot 🙂 It is an amazing place. You can feel the energy there.

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