The race is on……

smokiesto knock out as many of the trails in the Smokies that I can.

I will be moving back to the Atlanta area in February. Which means I will be further away from my beloved  Smokies than I am now. And I am not really that far now. A mere hour from some points.

I figure I have about 23 full weeks before I move. In theory I could do 46 hikes before moving but that would probably be overkill and my body would revolt and laundry wouldn’t get done. And the apartment probably wouldn’t get cleaned. Besides the fact that winter is coming which will knock out some days of hiking. And rainy days too. Well I guess I could learn to tolerate hiking in the rain. Maybe. We’ll see on that one.

So my goal is to get 20 hikes in before I move. I would like to knock out as many trails on the Tennessee side of the park that I can. I think will diligent planning I can knock out quite a few of them. Of course if I had someone to hike with we could stage cars at 2 points but that is not an option for me so I will be doing a lot of in and out hikes. That way when I move to Georgia I can work more on the North Carolina side of the park since it will be closer.

I’m a little bummed about moving further away from the mountains. I don’t get out enough as it is

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